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Eventually, tire replacement for your Cadillac model becomes unavoidable. They are the only parts of your car with direct contact with the road. As a result, you will come across potholes, bumps, debris, and other road hazards when you drive your vehicle around Sulphur. Over time, they will wear down, lose their tread, and will need to be replaced for safety reasons. When this happens, you can bring your Cadillac to Navarre Chevrolet in Lake Charles, where we will replace the tires quickly and at an affordable price.


How do I know when to change the tires on my Cadillac?

This question is common among our customers. These are the two main issues that indicate you need to replace the tires on your Cadillac:


Road throughout the Orange, TX area are imperfect and can shorten your tires' intended lifespan. Sidewall damage is the most common tire issue caused by road hazards. Sidewall damage is irreparable and can put a tire at a high risk of blowing out. When you see one or more bubbles on the tire sidewall, you must replace the tires. In addition, be sure to look for cracks and punctures in the tires.

Excessive Tread Wear

Driving anywhere around Moss Bluff, LA on completely worn-down tires is dangerous. You should have plenty of tread on the tires to adequately grip the road and keep you in control of your vehicle. However, tire treads can wear down for many reasons, including road conditions and driving habits. Ask our technicians to check the tires' tread depth when you bring your Cadillac in for maintenance services. We can replace the tires if the tread depth is too low.

How do I know what size tire my Cadillac uses?

Tires come in different sizes depending on the Cadillac you drive. For example, 275/50R22 is the typical tire size for a Cadillac Escalade. There are several tire sizes for a Cadillac CT4 depending on the trim. Tire sizes for this model include 235/35R19 and 235/40R18. Contact us if you have any questions about choosing the right set of tires for your Cadillac.

Advantages of Replacing Your Tires

Better Traction

How you handle driving in different weather and road conditions highly depends on the tires' tread depth. New tires provide the traction you need to stay in control of your driving. Our technicians can provide you with the best set of tires for driving around Jennings.

Increased Driving Performance

The ability to accelerate or come to a stop depends on the quality of the tires. You may need a new set of tires if you experience wheel slippage while accelerating or coming to a stop.

Better Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of your Cadillac will decrease with a set of old, worn-down tires. Low tread makes the engine work harder to generate enough power for proper driving. A new set of tires will reduce how much effort it takes your engine to power your vehicle.


A new set of tires makes it easier to stop, accelerate, and turn to avoid accidents and other hazardous driving situations.

The Best Tires for Your Cadillac

It is generally best to stay with the same or a similar brand of tires you currently have on your Cadillac. However, you can still ask our service technicians about your options. We can make specific recommendations depending on your vehicle's body style and your driving habits. Call or visit our website to schedule a tire service appointment today.

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